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Day: March 1, 2018

5 Benefits of Pond Dredging

When it comes to dredging a pond, most people think of it as a last resort, rather than preventative maintenance. This especially holds true for those who manage HOA and golf course ponds. The dredging company is only called when the ponds start to look unsightly with weeds and algae or when a foul odor starts emanating from them. Dredging ponds as part of an annual preventive maintenance plan is not only good for the

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Underwater Plug Removal

 This clearwell had been drained so that it could be rehabbed. The construction company tried to close a valve so they could drain the water and perform the much needed work. However, the construction company was not able to close the valve, so they put a pipe plug in to stop the water from coming into the tank. After the work was completed, the construction company had find a way to remove the plug. Additionally,

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Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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