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Day: March 1, 2018

5 Benefits of Pond Dredging

Most people consider dredging a pond a last resort rather than preventative maintenance. This statement is especially true for those who manage HOA and golf course ponds. The ponds look unsightly with weeds and algae or emanate a foul odor, which prompts the company to call the dredging company. Dredging ponds as part of an annual preventive maintenance plan is good for the health and aesthetics of the pond and for property values. The problem

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Underwater Plug Removal

They drained the Clearwell for rehabilitation. The construction company initially attempted to close a valve to drain the water for necessary work but encountered difficulty. Consequently, they used a pipe plug to prevent water from entering the tank. After completing the repairs, they had to remove the plug and refill the tank with water. Subsequently, they reached out to us for assistance in removing the plug.

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Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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