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5 Summertime Pond Maintenance Tips

Summertime means outdoor BBQs and quality time spent down by the pond. Whether you’re an HOA, golf course, or lucky homeowner, a pond adds value and allows nature to flourish for all to see and enjoy.

Most ponds are man-made, requiring constant maintenance to prevent Mother Nature from continually trying to reclaim the land and turn it into a swamp. There’s no better time than now to perform some essential pond maintenance to help ensure it will flourish even during the hottest dog days of summer.

We will share our five favorite summertime pond maintenance tips, which you can use to help ensure the longevity and beauty of your pond.

Water Testing Your Pond

The wet and breezy weather in springtime allowed tree pollen, leaves, and other natural organic debris to enter the water. As the weeks go by and spring turns to summer, these additional organic elements start to break down, release harmful nutrients, and disrupt the water’s natural chemical balance.

For example, if you have fish or water plants, they may require a specific pH balance so that they don’t get stressed out and become ill or die. Research the wildlife in and around your pond and buy a testing kit online or in-store. If you find that your water is too hard or too soft or has undesirable chemical imbalances, you can purchase remedies that will help alleviate the problem.

Equipment Maintenance for Your Pond

Summer is also the best time to perform routine maintenance on your filters, pumps, and any mechanical equipment used in your pond. The spring rains are over, and your filters are probably choking with sediment and other organic debris. Look for areas of blockage in pipes and tubes and order replacements as soon as possible. If you wait until the fall, you risk long lead times for parts. Nobody wants to wade into a freezing pond in winter to make repairs.

Plant Maintenance in Your Pond

While most pond plants are low-maintenance and hands-off, some will require some help. For example, a nuisance insect called a lily beetle can start attacking your water lilies. They will lay eggs, and then their larvae will eat the leaves for food. The leaves will quickly turn brown and die off, leaving an unsightly patchwork of brown and green lilies. The organic solution to this problem is to prune your lilies regularly. Look for any signs of brown discoloration and remove them as quickly as possible. This ongoing battle with nature could require several pruning sessions over a few weeks or months. Stay committed to the cause, and you’ll eventually win this tug-of-war with the insect world.

Algae Breakouts

No matter where in the U.S. you live, the rays from the summer sun are hot and unrelenting. They can warm the water and cause an unsightly and sometimes smelly nuisance algae outbreak. Not only will your pond turn a pea soup green color, but it can also suck up the oxygen and kill all of the fish and plant life. While there are chemical treatments on the market to help combat algae outbreaks, they won’t fix the actual source of the problem. Besides, who wants to dump a bunch of pond chemicals with weird-sounding names into the backyard water that people play in and enjoy? The best way to combat a nuisance algae outbreak is to call in professionals, such as American Underwater Services. We can help dredge your HOA, golf course, or backyard pond, no matter how big or small. We’ll remove the organic sediment at the bottom of your pond that is responsible for feeding the algae outbreak. We’ll leave you with crystal-clear water and a clean pond that everyone will enjoy!

Pond Dredging Services

At American Underwater Services, we have over 25 years of experience dredging HOAs, golf courses, and backyard ponds. Our expert workers will come to your job site and give you a professional evaluation and estimate of the scope of work that needs to be done. No pond is too big or too small for our custom dredgers. If you would like to learn more about our pond dredging and maintenance services, call us at (817) 377-8512, and one of our friendly dredging experts will be more than happy to answer your questions.




Anthony Di Iulio the founder, president and co-owner of American Underwater Services, Inc., started his business in 1999 with only three employees. Today this commercial diving company employs nearly 30 people and handles over 500 projects annually. Anthony moved to Fort Worth from Louisiana with his family in 1976. He worked summers during high school welding underwater for a marina on Benbrook Lake. Eventually he took scuba lessons after almost drowning on the job. Those lessons led him to training at a deep sea diving school in Houston, which included training on offshore oil rigs. Anthony spent several years in Louisiana working on offshore rigs and on inland jobs at power plants and dams before starting American Underwater Services, Inc.


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