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Category: HOAs

How Do I Know If My Pond Needs Dredging?

If you own a home with a pond, manage a golf course, or oversee an HOA, you may know that your pond will eventually require dredging to prevent it from drying up or becoming a swamp. Since your man-made pond was filled with water, it has started a natural cycle that will gradually cause it to decline. Silt and sediment enter the pond and start to cause all sorts of problems, such as nuisance algae

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Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your HOA or Golf Course Pond

As the weather starts to heat up during the summer, many HOA and golf course pond managers will begin to see an increase in nuisance algae and other issues that can cause headaches. Extended sunlight hours will contribute significantly to the problem. As these algae blooms start to take hold, they can choke the life out of a once-pristine pond and turn it into an unsightly and foul-smelling muck pit. We want to share a

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Why Are the Fish in My Pond Dying?

Finding one or two dead fish floating in your HOA or golf course pond isn’t a cause for concern. They could have met their fate due to a predatory bird, or perhaps they just got old and weak, and nature took its course. However, when you start noticing a pattern of dead fish in your pond, it’s time to pay closer attention. The fish in your pond act as a natural barometer of health. They

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How to Keep Your HOA Pond Water Clean and Clear

HOA ponds, also known as stormwater retention ponds, are an important component of your community’s drainage system. They help prevent localized flooding by slowing down or completely suppressing deluges of water from a rainfall event. They also retain water for a sufficient period of time so that any attached sediment and pollutants settle to the bottom of the pond. The pond releases clean water into nearby streams and larger bodies of water. Typically, the homeowner

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Should our HOA Pond Have Fish?

If you’re a homeowner association (HOA) manager tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of the ponds in your community, you may have a few residents ask if you could stock the ponds with fish. Walking across the street with your kids on a Saturday morning to do some local fishing may seem like a good idea. Still, before you start dumping trout, catfish, and other sportfish into your HOA community ponds, there’s a lot to

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How Do You Prevent Lake and Pond Erosion?

The shoreline of any pond or lake is an important barrier that helps keep the water clean and prevents it from filling up with mud and debris. In the spring, many HOA and golf course pond managers will find that the shorelines are starting to erode. Shoreline erosion is a natural process that occurs over time. What Causes Shoreline Erosion? Water is an incredibly destructive force. From the Colorado River carving out the Grand Canyon

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