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Category: Marine Salvage

Top 5 Treasure-Laden Salvaged Shipwrecks

At American Underwater Services, we specialize in commercial diving services. Marine salvage is one of our areas of expertise. The majority of the vessels we’ve recovered from the depths of the ocean or lakes are commercial or personal pleasure craft. For this blog post though, we’re going to have some fun and look at the top five treasure-laden shipwrecks that have been salvaged over the past few decades. These include pirate ships, Spanish treasure galleons,

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What to Do After You’ve Salvaged Your Boat?

There’s an old saying that the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it. For those boat owners who have had to salvage it off the bottom of a lake or ocean, the day they get rid of it can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done. The costs of repairing a vessel recently raised from the depths

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My Boat Sunk – Now What?

A sinking boat can happen suddenly and without warning. Whether due to poor maintenance, a significant storm, or an accident, sunken ships don’t necessarily mean all is lost. There is an excellent chance that the sunken boat can be salvaged. Before you hang up your Captain’s hat, here are a few tips you should follow if your watercraft sinks to the bottom of the pond, lake, or river. Remember that your priority should be to

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Boat Salvage on Lake Whitney

American Underwater Services performed salvage and recovery efforts on Lake Whitney after a tornado hit the area in January 2017. No one was injured in the storm, but the area sustained extensive damage.

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