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Category: Pond Dredging

The Many Benefits of Dredging a Golf Course Pond

Have you ever seen a golf course that has multiple water holes that look and smell like they’ve seen better days? Weeds Noxious odors Water scum Discolored water Those are just some of the issues that can negatively affect a golf course pond that doesn’t undergo annual dredging. Many golf course maintenance departments think that they can solve the problem of unsightly water by dumping a couple of 5-gallon buckets of herbicide into the water.

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HOA Stormwater Retention Ponds: A Luxury or Liability?

Homeowner Associations are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of pre-planned communities throughout the U.S. As developers and investors build new homes, they are required by law to have stormwater retention ponds – but they’re not referred to by that name. Since the dawn of mankind, people have placed a high value on living on or near a body of water. Nothing increases the value of a home like a pond or a lake in

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How to Control Nuisance Golf Course Pond Weeds

Golf course ponds are much more than bodies of water designed to make the course look pretty. They serve as a technical hazard that causes a standard par three to become a par five (or greater) hole. For some courses, they also act as irrigation water retention systems which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a single year. But like all man-made things in life, golf course ponds suffer wear

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HOA Pond Plant Life – Friend or Foe?

Ponds and other water features in HOA residential communities help increase both property values as well as the quality of life of homeowners and their families. However, keeping ponds looking (and smelling) clean and beautiful can be cost-prohibitive for many Homeowners Associations. Maintaining a pond in an HOA community can often times feel like an uphill battle. Especially in areas where the ponds are several years or even several decades old. Ponds (like all man-made

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Pond Dye for HOA’s – Is It Really Worth It?

If you’re in charge of managing the ponds and lakes for the HOA in your community, you may or may not have heard of something called “pond dye.” Pond dye is nothing more than food coloring for lakes and ponds. When added in sufficient quantities to the water, it will change the color from an ugly brown to an aesthetically-pleasing blue or green. Some HOA’s will use pond dye to match the color of the

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Toxic Algae Blooms

Ponds and lakes provide tremendous value to the communities that they reside in. If properly maintained, they can help raise property values, provide entertainment, and recreational opportunities for the local community. Yet many people are unaware that they can contain a hidden danger: toxic algae. As the sun from the warm summer months starts to beat down on ponds and lakes, a natural process is taking place. The nutrients from the sun begin to feed

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