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Underwater Plug Removal

Underwater Plug Removal This clearwell had been drained so that it could be rehabbed. The construction company tried to close a valve so they could drain the water and perform the much needed work. However, the construction company was not able to close the valve, so they put a pipe plug in to stop the water from coming into the tank. After the work was completed, the construction company had find a way to remove the plug. Additionally, they had to fill the tank with water to remove the plug. At that point the construction company contacted us to come in and removed the plug.




Anthony Di Iulio the founder, president and co-owner of American Underwater Services, Inc., started his business in 1999 with only three employees. Today this commercial diving company employs nearly 30 people and handles over 500 projects annually. Anthony moved to Fort Worth from Louisiana with his family in 1976. He worked summers during high school welding underwater for a marina on Benbrook Lake. Eventually he took scuba lessons after almost drowning on the job. Those lessons led him to training at a deep sea diving school in Houston, which included training on offshore oil rigs. Anthony spent several years in Louisiana working on offshore rigs and on inland jobs at power plants and dams before starting American Underwater Services, Inc.


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Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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