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American Underwater Services, Inc.

Nationwide Commercial Diving and Dredging Services

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Pond Dredging Services

We are a nationwide dredging company and commercial diving service with +25 years experience.

HOA/Golf Course Pond Cleaning

We specialize in HOA retention pond cleaning and golf course pond dredging.

Lake and Pond Dredging Resources

Read our lake and pond dredging, commercial diving and underwater construction articles.

Who we are

Nationwide Pond Dredging, Commercial Diver and Dredging Company

Our 26 years of experience assures that American Underwater Services is the premier and longest standing diving and dredging company for virtually any commercial underwater job. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to your commercial diving, pond cleaning and dredging needs, readily taking on even the most challenging tasks.

American Underwater Services provides specialists to clients’ engineering, construction and maintenance teams, all while utilizing premium equipment that includes dredge machines, cutting edge diving equipment and industry standard, high-powered underwater construction equipment. That combination of unique expertise and state of the art resources means we consistently finish projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

More importantly, though, we are committed to doing what is best for our clients. From our management to our field crews, we build enduring relationships with our clientele by going above and beyond in all we put our hands to.

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American Underwater Services prides itself in dredging—the removal of sediments or other small material from a body of water. Dredging is often key to …
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Underwater construction and maintenance presents a unique set of challenges that traditional contractors don’t face. That is just one of the reasons …
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What we do

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Pond DredgingSome of the underwater services we provide: In addition to our wide range of services, you can count on American Underwater Services offering the best-available combination of quality, affordability and customer service. We have worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Coast Guard and a variety of state and local governments—and that means you can trust us to do the job with professionalism and care.