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Tailings Pond Dredging

Tailings pond dredging involves the removal of sediments from any body of water. It can be useful for creating new waterways, maintaining existing waterways for improved navigation, preparing areas for future construction projects, removing contaminants or simply making water healthier.

Some industrial facilities are especially in need of dredging due to the kind of work they perform. Mining operations often create production waste that is sometimes described as tailings, and they require outside assistance to manage and dispose of that waste.

This is where American Underwater Services can be a valuable asset to your company. Thanks to increasingly demanding environmental standards and the important role played by water circulation with production cycles, expert waste management is all the more imperative. We can dredge tailings from lagoons or ponds, and our wealth of experience ensures that we get the job done carefully and efficiently.

While American Underwater Services is no stranger to these kinds of projects, we also know that every situation is unique. To that end, we use our capabilities and cutting edge equipment to meet our clients’ needs promptly and completely.

Our employees are MSHA certified.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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