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Industrial Diving Services

American Underwater Services has a long history of underwater construction, repair and maintenance projects for industrial facilities. Specifically, we have worked at municipal locations, paper mills, steel mills, gravel and rock quarries, electric plants, nuclear plants, water treatment plants and in other similar scenarios. Our projects typically involve marine construction, inspection, maintenance or repair.

Some of the industrial diving needs we address include:

Cleaning intake systems

Intake systems can easily become dirty or affected by marine growth. In turn, the flow of water may be constrained and require specialized cleaning to be restored to proper operating condition. We specialize in river and lake intake cleaning around the entire United States.

Outfall systems

Marine outfalls are generally pipelines from which wastewater, stormwater or cooling water is discharged. These systems often must be inspected, repaired or cleaned.

Cooling towers

Cooling towers reduce the temperatures of water streams by rejecting waste heat through either evaporation or air cooling. Often used in oil refineries, chemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems, cooling towers can range from small roof-top systems to much larger hyperboloid structures. Cooling towers may need to be inspected, drained or repaired in order to avoid structural failures.


Clarifiers use settling tanks to remove the solid sludge and scum derived from liquid through the process of sedimentation. They’re often used to treat wastewater or refine minerals. Routine inspection and cleaning is important to the sustained operation of clarifiers, as is removal of sludge that accumulates at the bottom.

Settling ponds

Also described as settling basins or decant ponds, settling ponds are structures that remove solids and turbidity from wastewater through sedimentation. They’re generally used to reduce water pollution in agriculture or mining. Though settling ponds often require less maintenance than clarifiers, they still need regular cleaning and inspection.

Pipeline networks

American Underwater Services have a long and successful history of constructing, maintaining and repairing pipelines, tunnels, outfalls and related structures. We have handled these types of projects in the most hostile conditions, including turbid or black water, severe tidal or river currents and below-freezing temperatures.

Wet wells

Sometimes referred to as pump stations, wet wells are the holding tanks used in gravity flow raw-water systems. Because solids often obstruct or damage the pump, frequent inspection and cleaning is required to keep them running properly.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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