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Pond Dredging

When sediment compromises the original depth and quality of a waterbody, dredging may be the natural solution. Thanks to our combination of hydraulic and mechanical pond dredging options, American Underwater Services can handle projects of any size and scope—even under the most challenging circumstances.

In addition to tackling commercial and residential pond cleaning, we can also meet the dredging needs of marinas, harbors, lakes, channels, river or lake associations and waterfronts.

Dredging a pond can be especially valuable when attempting to improve water quality and appearance, a sometimes essential step to maintaining or enhancing the value of surrounding property. For example, removing nutrient-rich sediments can restore pond depth by reducing the amount of algae living off those nutrients. Dredging can also promote the survival of fish by increasing the amount of oxygen in the water.

But ponds can create unique situations due to an interest in leaving surrounding land undisturbed while also preserving the aquatic life within the water itself. We work on private ponds, golf course ponds, public ponds and retention ponds—among many other bodies of water.

Traditional mechanical pond dredging techniques may be useful when trees or larger debris are crowding the bottom of a pond.

However, hydraulic pond dredging is often preferable when there’s a need to remove sediment without impacting other aquatic life in the pond. Pumps can penetrate the sediment and transfer it through temporary pipelines to a disposal destination (e.g. geotextile bags). This can also be a more cost-effective solution when dealing with finer sediments like sand.

We can provide an initial survey and our specialists will discuss which options work best for your unique situation. Moreover, our wide range of expertise and resources ensures that we can handle any project efficiently and successfully. Whether there’s a need for large, industrial scale equipment or smaller pumps for golf courses and residential associations, we have you covered.

American Underwater Services has a long history of working with industrial, municipal and residential clients, a testament to our ability to handle a variety of jobs with utmost professionalism and the highest standards.

Pond dredging is no different.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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