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Intake Screen Services

Intake screens include a range of products like traveling water screens, bar screens and fish screens. Such screens are used in a number of industries and public sectors (including wastewater treatment and power plants), and they are one of the most basic elements in water filtration. They can be used in sewage treatment or to catch objects like loose foliage, shells or plastics.

Intake water filtration is a key component for a number of public and industrial facilities. Typical clients include power plants, chemical plants, water treatment facilities, pulp and paper manufacturers, irrigation systems, steel mills, aluminum plants and flood control projects.

American Underwater Services offers a range of solutions for the construction, inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, diving, replacement and repair of intake screens. With our expertise and equipment, our specialists can remove and re-install screens, perform onsite repairs and even conduct preventative maintenance that reduces the need for further work and saves the client money. In all that we do, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are top priorities, and our ability to see projects through to successful completion is second to none.

We are also committed to providing clients with customized solutions that meet their unique needs, and that means conducting any needed surveying required to assess those needs in the first place.

Some projects may require screens’ disassembly and abrasive blasting. Others could entail retro-fitting screens with superior fish-saving capabilities. We handle these and other tasks with the advantage of extensive experience and unmatched resources.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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