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Commercial Diving Services

Sediment and debris can compromise the depth and quality of a water body. That’s where our dredging expertise comes in. Using a combination of hydraulic and mechanical pond dredging options, we can handle projects of any size and scope, even in challenging circumstances.

The engineers at American Underwater Services have developed a dredging and dewatering process that allows for an economically and environmentally friendly dredging project. The process utilizes proprietary technological innovations with conservative marine equipment to provide a speedy process for the removal of sediments around docks, lifts, and bridges in canals, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

During the American Underwater Services process, the dredged material is pumped to containers easily placed within an area where truck access is available. The dredged sediments settle in the containers. The clean, return, water from the process is then piped back to the original dredge area. Every precaution is taken to protect any environmentally sensitive resource, especially aquatic life.
If your canal, pond, or lake needs dredging, simply call American Underwater Services for a free dredging consultation.

Commercial Dive Company

Our commercial diving team is trained and equipped to handle any situation, no matter how murky or deep the water may be. We are prepared for small projects like home-owned ponds and larger-scale needs like installing pipelines at the bottom of natural lakes. Moreover, we are experienced in both inland and coastal/offshore underwater projects. We are a professional, nationwide commercial dive company and our experience can help you.
As you research commercial dive companies, remember our experience and versatile skill set enable our specialists to handle each of the following services with superior care:

  • Industrial Diving: American Underwater Services has long offered a variety of industrial diving services.  Our specialties include cleaning intake and outfall systems, cooling towers, clarifiers, settling ponds, pipeline networks, and wet wells. If you need help with underwater cleaning, maintenance, repair, or construction, we are prepared to tackle projects of any scope.
  • Underwater Inspections: Understanding what further work a project may require often means facilities must first be carefully inspected. Conducting these kinds of underwater surveys may be difficult given murkiness and other underwater obstacles.  If you need an underwater inspection or survey, call us first.
  • Underwater Pipeline, Tunnel & Outfall: Pipelines, tunnels, outfalls, and related structures often require significant construction, maintenance, and repair. In addition to a wide range of industrial equipment, these projects also require skilled divers. American Underwater Services ensures that its team of divers are prepared for these kinds of jobs. Some of our common projects include pipeline penetrations, wet well and intake liners, outfall diffuser ports, underwater welding/burning, removal of internal debris and sediment, underwater concrete, installation and repair of sacrificial anodes, anchoring existing pipelines, outfall construction and intake construction.
  • Underwater Construction & Maintenance: Underwater construction and maintenance requires the kind of proficiencies that combine traditional buildings with superior diving expertise. Whether handling large-scale projects like nuclear facilities and dams or working on smaller commercial and residential jobs, we are committed to handling every project with equal care. A few of our construction and maintenance specialties include traveling water screens, trash racks, hydroelectric structures, wet wells, bridge scour control and repair, piers, pilings, bulkheads, dock repair, cofferdams, cooling towers, pulp mills, gate and valve installation, stop logs, chlorine/bromide/air diffuser systems, burning, welding, onsite welding and fabrication, concrete sawing, core drilling, rigid and fabric concrete forming, cathodic protection systems and pile encapsulation.
  • Marine Salvage: Recovering objects or debris from the bottom of oceans, lakes or smaller bodies of water requires diving expertise and superior equipment. American Underwater Services is prepared for any set of circumstances. We can handle wreck removal, cargo and equipment removal, debris removal, concrete removal, and more.

Our industrial divers are specially trained and certified, and their work reflects many years of hands-on experience. At American Underwater Services, we prioritize an unyielding commitment to our clients and whatever their needs entail. We do every job the right way while also controlling costs and using the best possible methodology.
Our commercial diving work includes inspection, maintenance, repair, and construction.  We have worked with municipal locations, paper mills, steel mills, gravel and rock quarries, electric plants, nuclear plants, water treatment plants, and other industrial facilities.

Diving Services for Golf Courses

From inspecting and cleaning wet wells to dredging ponds, we are a one-stop solution for any golf course diving needs. Sediment can quickly become a problem for wet wells and ponds alike, requiring the removal of silt and other materials. In a bid to keep the water at golf courses as clean and healthy as possible, American Underwater Services is often called upon to use its extensive experience and expertise. We have the personnel, pumping equipment, and other tools to handle any job.

Commercial Diving Services for Power plants

The sheer scale of power plant projects can create unique challenges for many underwater service companies. Our long history serving such facilities has instilled an expert pedigree that continues to impress new and existing clients. Power plants often require waste processing, maintenance, and construction assistance or other services that require the use of an experienced professional diver. We can handle contaminated waters, underwater welding and fabrication, the installation of pipelines and related systems, and any job that requires pumping.

Professional Diving Company for River Authorities

In addition to our inland diving services provided to municipalities, water districts, military bases, and commercial and industrial facilities, American Underwater Services has also built strong working relationships with governmental river authorities. We offer them the same unparalleled commitment to expert and cost-effective inspection, maintenance, repair, and construction services.
River authorities often require a wide range of help to keep their water clean, healthy, and properly integrated with key infrastructure. Given the extent to which rivers are indispensable to recreational and commercial interests alike, our diving work is vital to many public and private entities.

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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