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Quarry and HOA Dredging Services

American Underwater Services prides itself in dredging—the removal of sediments or other small material from a body of water. Dredging is often key to maintaining a waterbody’s navigability, environmental sustainability, cleanliness or usability.

Indeed, dredging is commonly associated with a number of important projects. It may be needed before creating a new harbor or waterway—or to modify existing waterways to accommodate shipping. It can also be a key prerequisite to the construction of bridges, docks or anything else that entails an underwater foundation.

Dredging can also be used in the acquisition of specific materials: sand and gravel for construction, natural metals or valuable substances like gold and diamond. The dredging process can even be a simple matter of maintenance, particularly when the accumulation of sand or mud has inhibited navigation.

In addition to handling such projects with expertise, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we are also ready to handle a wide variety of clients and situations. Put simply, if you know of water that needs to be dredged or cleaned in any way, we are here to help.

Our dredging and cleaning services include freshwater or seawater projects. And we handle every phase of the process, including any need for disposal. Our services often include a variety of techniques, and you can learn more about what we do and how we do it on our Dredging and De-silting Services page. We also conduct sediment surveys in order to assess the need for dredging.

Our specialists, resources and equipment ensure the capacity needed to address small and large projects alike, and you can count on our commitment to handle any job with the utmost care and quality. We love to reduce costs whenever possible, and we do so via best practices rather than cutting corners.

Pond Dredging Services for Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Homeowners

Homeowners and Home Owners Associations may require dredging for any number of reasons. Many communities located near waterbodies (manmade or otherwise) have a vested interest in ensuring boats can safely navigate the area. Boat access alone can raise the value of properties whether an individual homeowner has a boat or not. The accumulation of silt can also impact fishing and a range of recreational activities.

At minimum, dredging may be integral to simply keeping ponds or lakes healthy and clean. We take any HOA dredging project or homeowner project every bit as seriously as when handling large industrial jobs.

Dredging Services for Sand Plants, Mineral Plants and Aggregate Plants

Mining quarries that excavate or mine a variety of materials often seeking dredging assistance from American Underwater Services. A wide variety of rocks, minerals and valuable substances are acquired via mining processes, and some operations require a significant amount of work to be done underwater. That is when dredging can become a necessity.

Thanks to our wide assortment of dredging technology and heavy-duty equipment, no job is too big for our team of experienced specialists.

Whether you have a small pond, neighborhood lake or large body of water we can handle your dredging project.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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