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Underwater Pipeline, Tunnel & Outfall

American Underwater Services has a long and successful history of constructing, maintaining and repairing pipelines, tunnels, outfalls and related structures. Our specialists are known and respected in their field because they complete these projects despite hostile conditions that may include turbid or black water, severe tidal or river currents and below-freezing temperatures.

Beyond our exceptional construction and maintenance record, we also offer client-specific planning data, facilities assessments and inspection solutions. As with everything else we do, we are committed to meeting our clients’ unique needs and delivering a premium service by any means necessary.

Pipeline penetrations

Penetrations involve conducting an inspection or repair from the inside of a large pipeline, solving a variety of potential problems from difficult-to-reach spots. Our specialists are well-prepared for these often times risky procedures.

Wet well and intake line liners

The installation of liners can reduce the corrosion and deterioration of wet wells and intake lines. The added protection reduces the long-term need for repairing or potentially replacing the structures. If you need to install or replace your wet well or intake line liners contact us to get a free quote over the phone.

Outfall diffuser ports

When there is a need to discharge treated liquid waste into a marine environment, we are experienced with the installation of outfall diffuser ports. Such ports can dilute the waste when it is discharged so that it poses less environmental risk.  We can assess your project and provide you with the expertise to make sure your project is handled safely.

Underwater welding/burning

Fusing and cutting metal is a frequent need in underwater environments, and our welding and burning specialists are up to the task. Using a variety of techniques, we can handle these kind of tasks as they arise in construction and repair projects.

Removal of internal debris and sediment

It is not unusual for debris and sediment to accumulate inside of a pipeline.  Our underwater inspection services can detect the presence of such obstructions, and our specialists can then clean the pipeline and restore an optimal flow.

Underwater concrete

It is critical that concrete be placed underwater with care so as to avoid problems like puddling, segregation or stoppages in the pipe delivering the mixture. Thanks to superior pump technology, skilled pump operators and a thorough understanding of proper cement mixtures, we are the best company to handle your next underwater concrete project.

Installation and repair of sacrificial anodes

A sacrificial anode is used to prevent corrosion to other metals. Using a highly active metal alloy, the sacrificial anode protects other metals by allowing itself to first be consumed instead. Often used to protect pipelines, underground tanks and other structures, anodes are installed to the less active metals they are covering (also known as cathodes), and we can also repair them when needed.

Anchoring of existing pipelines

When pipelines require stabilization, we can install anchors that do the trick. Without anchors, pipelines have been known to push their way to the surface. By anchoring them, however, buoyancy can be controlled. We can install anchors before or after a pipeline has been laid.

Outfall construction

Marine outfalls discharge treated wastewater into a body of water, providing vital functions for a wide variety of industrial and public entities. Our experience and expertise guarantees that we can handle such building projects in a way that accounts for all the environmental and engineering realities associated therewith.

Intake construction

Water intake systems often provide a steady flow of raw water to a variety of industries and municipalities. We are able to build a wide variety of intake designs with diversion structures, flow controls and entrance protection.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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