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Underwater Construction Services

Underwater construction and maintenance presents a unique set of challenges that traditional contractors don’t face. That is just one of the reasons it is imperative to work with an established company with the expertise and resources to do these types projects efficiently. There is no substitute for quality when looking to construct, maintain or repair structures underwater that are expected to last for decades.

From basic underwater structures to nuclear facilities and dams, our track record is second to none when it comes to underwater construction and maintenance.

Traveling water screens

Typically associated with water intake systems used in a number of industries and public sectors (including wastewater treatment and power plants), traveling screens are one of the most basic elements in water filtration. They can be used in sewage treatment or to catch objects like loose foliage, shells or plastics. We can assess environmental and operating conditions to determine what kind of screening best suits your needs, and we can install whichever screen you need.

Trash racks

Trash racks are usually structures that prevent larger debris from entering and clogging an intake system. They can also be used in drain inflows or outflows. Given their function, trash racks often must be cleaned or repaired. In addition to such maintenance, we can also install them during new projects.

Hydroelectric structures

Hydroelectric power plants are complex facilities that convert the movement of water into electric energy. From dams to intakes to generators, there are a number of structures that must be built or installed. We are proficient at all facets of these construction and maintenance needs you may have.

Wet wells

Sometimes referred to as pump stations, wet wells are the holding tanks used in gravity-flow sewer systems. Because solids often obstruct or damage the pump, frequent inspection and cleaning is required to keep them running properly. We also install them as needed in new projects.

Bridge scour control and repair

Bridge scour happens when the flow of water removes sediment (like soil, sand or rocks) from the abutments or piers of a bridge. This can negatively impact the integrity of the bridge over time, potentially even causing the structure to fail. Using specifically tailored design techniques, we can make adjustments that improve a bridge’s stability and/or repair abutments that have already been affected.

Pier, piling and bulkhead

Commercial and residential properties often require additional protection against nearby water, and that protection can come in the form of foundation pilings (for docks, piers, homes or larger projects) or bulkheads. In addition to construction services, we can also repair piers, pilings and bulkheads that have suffered wear and tear.

Dock repair

Docks are often subject to storm damage or ordinary wear and tear. We are experienced in repairing and replacing damaged docks.  We handle either stationary or floating docks, and are prepared to replace or repair any damaged parts.


Sometimes referred to simply as coffers, cofferdams are temporary structures that enclose a body of water, often by building upstream and downstream structures. The water in the enclosed area is then usually pumped out in order to create a dry space in which to perform new work (like the construction of an oil platform). We can build cofferdams to fit your project, giving you the ability to  proceed with your work in a timely manner.

Cooling towers

Cooling towers reduce the temperatures of water streams by rejecting waste heat through either evaporation or air cooling. Often used in oil refineries, chemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems, cooling towers can range from small roof-top systems to much larger hyperboloid structures. Cooling towers need to be inspected, drained or repaired in order to avoid structural failures. We can also handle the initial construction of such towers.

Pulp mills

Pulp mills are facilities in which wood or other fibre is converted into material that can then be processed and turned into paper. Water is generally a critical component of the process, and we can build or maintain the necessary infrastructure for your pulp mill.

Gate and valve installation

A gate is a wedge that is used to deliberately obstruct the flow of fluid through a pipeline. Accordingly, gate valves allow control over the flow of that liquid so that a user can restrict or allow its movement as needed. We are well-prepared to install the entire system.


Stoplogs are wood, steel or composite objects used to reduce or stop the flow of water through a river, canal or other channel. They are often lowered to temporarily reduce or halt a water flow to a particular area. We can install stoplogs and the larger gate structures of which they are a part.

Chlorine, bromide, air diffuser systems

There are a number of ways to treat wastewater, and we are experienced in building and maintaining a variety of systems designed to do so. Beyond other processes like screening or clarification, wastewater must be further treated to prevent the discharge of environmentally hazardous material. Aeration (the use of air diffusers), chlorination or the use of other chemicals can instrumental in this treatment, and we have a proven record of installing and repairing each of these types of systems.

Burning and welding

Fusing and cutting metal is a frequent need in underwater environments, and our welding and burning specialists are up to the task. Using a variety of techniques, we can handle these tasks as they arise in any underwater construction or repair project.

Onsite welding and fabrication

Whether it is needed for construction or repair, our ability to weld and fabricate metal onsite can save you time and money. We can build a number of underwater metal structures onsite.

Concrete sawing and core drilling

A concrete saw is any power tool used to cut through concrete. Meanwhile, a core drill removes an entire cylinder of concrete. Both processes generally rely on diamond-based saws or drills that require significant cooling. These tools require experience especially when used in underwater construction or maintenance jobs.  We only use the best tools for accomplishing any construction or repair project.

Rigid and fabric concrete forming (e.g. concrete mats for river crossing)

Whether tasked with forming foundations, columns or cost-effective concrete mats (often instead of an unnecessary bridge), we can use several techniques for forming concrete. From rigid forming materials (like steel or wood) to fabric-based formwork, we offer a number of cost-effective solutions to your underwater concrete needs.

Cathodic protection systems

In order to maintain underwater metal, it may be coated with another alloy that is corroded in place of the protected substance. A sacrificial anode is used to prevent corrosion to protected metals. Using a highly active metal alloy, the sacrificial anode protects other metals by allowing itself to first be consumed instead. Often used to protect pipelines, underground tanks and other structures, anodes are installed to the less active metals they are covering (also known as cathodes).  We can install and repair these as needed.

Pile encapsulation

Piles are the timber, concrete or steel posts placed in the ground to act as support for foundations. Because they’re often subject to damage and deterioration, encapsulation is one of the best ways to reinforce and protect piles from natural threats like corrosion or borrowing animal life. We have experience handling various underwater encapsulation construction and repair.

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