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Desilting and Dredging Services

Dredging services are defined as the removal of sediments from the bottom of a body of water. It may be needed for a variety of reasons that include the creation of a new waterway, maintaining an already existing waterway for improved navigation, preparing an area for future construction projects, removing contaminants or simply making a body of water healthier and less murky.

We commonly tackle a variety of projects including homeowner pond cleaning, golf courses, industrial pond cleaning or lagoons, hazardous and toxic waste lagoons, marinas, dams, dairy farm ponds and any number of other rivers, lakes or streams. We are also happy to work alongside other dredging contractors.

Just as we utilize the very best tools and technology for industrial projects like construction and maintenance, our pond dredging resources are similarly exceptional. Our array of hydraulic dredge machines (vacuum dredges, cutter-head dredges, and auger-type dredge machines) and their various sizes enable us to handle projects of any scale.

Pond Desilting CompanyIf you need water dredging services for your golf course, HOA, industrial water or something entirely different contact us today to see how we can help.  We will put our years of experience, qualified commercial divers and professional reputation to work to solve your water issue.  Desilting and dredging services require intense attention to detail and experience handling a wide variety of circumstances to ensure that your project is done right.  Mistakes can ruin a body of water, killing the fish or other things that live in the water, cause environmental issues or other costly problems for the land owner.  Done correctly, lake and pond dredging can make clear, environmentally safe water for years to come.  Call us today at (817)377-8512 to schedule a free phone consultation, or fill out our contact form and we will call you back as quickly as we can.

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