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What is Dredging?

Pond Dredging, Pond Cleaning and Lake Dredging

The accumulation of sediment, sludge, debris and silt can pose significant challenges to the health and usefulness of waterbodies. Removing these materials is known as dredging, and it is an absolutely vital process for a number of our clients that include municipal (intake facilities, settling ponds, holding tanks, etc.) industrial (paper mills, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, etc), oil/gas and other private facilities. If you want your water and the life contained in it to remain healthy, keeping it clean should be your top priority.

For larger industrial operations, dredging may be essential to maintaining navigation through a waterway. For smaller ponds or lakes, it may simply be key to enhancing property value or keeping fish alive during winter months. Failure to dredge can lead to murkiness, foul odors, reduced depth and other unwanted consequences.

American Underwater Services uses its expertise and resources to meet the pond cleaning and dredging needs of ponds (private, public, golf course, retention, tailings), marinas, harbors, lakes, industrial and municipal lagoons, channels, river or lake associations, waterfronts and waterways.

Every project presents a unique set of challenges, and that is where our experience and surveying procedures assure that your project will be handled carefully and successfully. For example, some industrial dredging scenarios require the removal and disposal of contaminated material—something we are prepared to do without adversely impacting your facilities or the surrounding environment. We are also adept at carrying out projects through to completion, including potential dewatering and/or disposal needs.

Sometimes dredging is primarily needed for restoring navigation, irrigation or intake channels. These kind of projects may be important for recreational interests (marinas, boat docks, private homes) or large-scale industrial viability (water flows associated with nuclear power or coal fired plants). Sediment and debris can impair these operations, and our dredging capabilities can solve the problem in short order.

In addition to our experience, training and expertise, American Underwater Services brings a wide array of techniques and equipment to the table. From mechanical dredging techniques (that may be needed for trees and larger debris) to the most cutting-edge hydraulic pumps (perfect for silt, sand and the preservation of other aquatic life), we have our clients covered.

We will thoroughly investigate and coordinate with you to ensure every aspect of the job is performed with your interests in mind, efficiently and cost-effectively handling projects of any scale from start to finish.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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