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Wet Well Cleaning

Sometimes described as pump stations, wet wells are generally holding tanks used in gravity-flow systems. They come in a variety of sizes but are equipped with pumps that help remove sewage or other material to an outlet point for treatment. Because solids (rags, storm flush, oils, grit, silt, etc.) often obstruct or damage the pump, frequent inspection and cleaning is required to keep them running properly.

Cleaning can extend pumps’ lifespans, cut the cost of routine maintenance and reduce your risk of systemic failure.

Pump station cleaningAmerican Underwater Services can de-silt or otherwise provide wet well cleaning services as well as clean pump basins and water lines. We can rescue deteriorating wet wells and pump basins using the latest materials and techniques to realign and seal all connections so that they work longer than expected according to their original operational lifetimes.

Whether our clients require a one-time solution or routine maintenance, we are prepared to meet their unique needs with efficient and cost-effective solutions. We are also capable of cleaning wet wells and tanks no matter how deep or extensive the debris. Using specialized suction or jetting machines and other equipment or chemical sprays, our trained specialists are ready to handle any project—even in confined or otherwise adverse spaces. This includes scraping and washing debris from wet well walls, rails, pipes and screens.

Finally, we can also help clients control the future buildup of solids and debris to prevent the separation and adhesion that cause their formation in the first place. When it comes to keeping your pumps in prime condition, American Underwater Services’ team of professionals is equipped to handle any project with care and efficiency.

Nationwide Commercial Diving Services

Nationwide Commercial Diver Services

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