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Nationwide Silt Removal Services

Do you own or manage a lake, pond, or other body of water, such as a canal or retention pond?

If so, when was the last time you had professional silt removal performed?

Whether a body of water is organic or artificial, silt and sediment can form over time and accumulate on the bottom. If left untreated, a chain reaction of negative things can destroy property, harm wildlife, or cause expensive mechanical breakdowns.

In this article, we will examine silt removal, how it is performed, and the benefits of hiring a company like American Underwater Services.

Why Silt Removal?

In addition to maintaining the health of a body of water and the surrounding environment, silt removal can also help mitigate certain industrial factors. It can also help deepen waterways and prevent water vehicles from getting stuck on the bottom.

Sometimes, floods can occur more readily when silt impacts the water depth. In times of low water or drought, the rapidly decomposing silt material can cause strong foul odors to rise into the air and infest the surrounding area.

When excess silt is present in the water, pipes and other mechanical irrigation systems can become befouled and clogged.

How is Silt Removal Performed?

The usage of pumps and other resources performs silt removal. American Underwater Services will use one of our barges or boats to float directly over the area of silt and then suck it up to the top. Our silt removal experts are highly trained and keep a keen eye on any environmental considerations to keep impact to negligible levels.

You’ll have a few choices when it comes to the actual silt removal. Hauling the silt off-site and disposing of it elsewhere is the most expensive because it involves manual labor and the disposal of heavy materials.

How to Dispose of Silt?

One increasingly popular method of silt disposal is the usage of de-watering bags. Silt is sucked up from the bottom of the body of water and then put into a bag. Over a short period, the water within the silt drains out of the bag and into the ground. After a few minutes, it generates a nutrient-rich organic dry silt to use as compost in landscaping projects.

This is why spring and summer are the two best times to schedule a silt removal project. Many homeowners’ associations, HOAs, and private properties perform much of their landscaping during these warm, dry months. Dry organic silt will help the landscaping take hold and ensure that it gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.

We offer several on-site disposal methods, which can save you a lot of money. Before beginning any project, our silt removal experts will survey the job site, analyze your situation, and recommend a solution that fits your needs.

What if SIsn’temoval Isn’t Enough?

Sometimes, lakes and large bodies of water have massive tree trunks or bigger pieces of debris that silt removal cannot remove. In situations like this, we can use our state-of-the-art mechanical dredging machine to help solve problems that a simple removal can’t.

No job is too big or too small. We can handle everything from a backyard pond up to a large body of water such as a harbor, lake, or river. Our decades of experience will help us solve your problems safely and satisfactorily the first time around.

Nationwide Silt Removal Services

At American Underwater Services, our field experts have decades of experience helping owners and managers remove silt from their lakes, ponds, and waterways. We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we get the job done right the first time around with minimal (if any) environmental impact.

No job is too big or too small. Our experts can travel anywhere in the continental U.S. to help you regain control over your pond or lake with our silt removal services, even though we’re located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Call (817) 377-8512 or visit our website to learn more about our silt removal services.



Anthony Di Iulio the founder, president and co-owner of American Underwater Services, Inc., started his business in 1999 with only three employees. Today this commercial diving company employs nearly 30 people and handles over 500 projects annually. Anthony moved to Fort Worth from Louisiana with his family in 1976. He worked summers during high school welding underwater for a marina on Benbrook Lake. Eventually he took scuba lessons after almost drowning on the job. Those lessons led him to training at a deep sea diving school in Houston, which included training on offshore oil rigs. Anthony spent several years in Louisiana working on offshore rigs and on inland jobs at power plants and dams before starting American Underwater Services, Inc.


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